Is a Spontaneous Journey Something to Be Valued?



Several years ago our family decided to take a trip while our children were young. We decided to load up the car and drive to Orlando, Florida to see Disney World. We discussed the plans and set the date. We had four weeks to get ready for our journey to see Mickey Mouse. On the night before we were supposed to leave, I got home from work and told my wife to pack the car. I wanted to leave at night instead of waiting until the next day. I guess I was excited and wanted to get on the way. She is not a person of spontaneity, so this took some thought on her part. She had to make sure everything was ready before we just headed out. I understood, so I gave her a few minutes to think. The answer was a unanimous “yes!” Everyone was in agreement to pack up and head out. (I might have thought differently if I would have known it was going to take 15 hours) The trip was great and we have memories that will linger. My wife still is not one for spontaneity.

Spontaneity happens on our journeys and it can be painful when we are caught off-guard. My mother was having some problems with making decisions. We took her to have a cat-scan and we found out she had a type of brain tumor. We were not expecting that. The words we heard were hard to hear and the end of her journey was quick. We experienced the pain of spontaneity. I had a friend whose dad went to the doctor for a bad cough, only to find out he had double lung cancer and had about eight weeks to live. Spontaneity was something they had to experience in a difficult way.

I like to be in control, have things where I know they are and organized. My desk may be messy, but at least I know where everything is. When I need something, or someone asks for something, I can lay my hands on it within a few minutes. Messy but organized. Journeys in life are not always as cooperative. They may be messy, but they are not organized and they may catch us off-guard and shake the very ground we are standing on.

So how do we deal with the painful spontaneity in our lives that lead us down a strange pathway on our journey? Unfortunately you can’t plan for them and that is why it is called spontaneity. I guess the best thing I can tell you is to expect the unexpected. Then if the unexpected never happens (which sometimes it will) then you’re ok. However, expect it. Don’t get caught off-guard. Understand the we don’t know what tomorrow holds. Being spontaneous is something we have to get used to, especially as we journey more in life. When the ground beneath you is shaken, find something, or someone to hold on to and allow them to hold on to you. You’ll get through it. Your ground will become solid again. It will take some time. The spontaneity will leave and life will get back to normal. Spontaneity is not always enjoyable, but it is a part of our journey.


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