Accepting Help Along the Journey


My new job, which is a new journey I am traveling, has brought with it a new set of obstacles and struggles to overcome. Learning a new computer system while also learning an old computer system. Learning new names and faces among the 100+ people whom I now call co-workers. Making sure I do things the “right” way, even though there are times when I wonder if it really is the right way. Trying to do all of these things is stressful, especially when I just left a journey in which I was very comfortable.

My last journey had become an easy and fun journey. I knew where everything was, even what I could and could not do.  The best part of the old journey was that I was confident I could do it. I had the best friends in the world. I could do the job with my proverbial hands behind my back. I was so confident in my previous journey… maybe too comfortable in my confidence. Maybe I needed to  be stretched, and stretched I have become.

While my journey is new, and while I may have struggles in my new journey, I am very thankful I am not journeying alone. I have some awesome people who are helping me on this new journey. People who have been working at this job for 4, 10 and more than 15 years. These are good, strong and confident people. They know what I am going through because they were once in my shoes. They too were once on a new journey, feeling alone and lacking the confidence needed to make it to lunch, much less the whole day. As I sat in a chair in my new office, I guess the look on my face said what my heart was feeling. The words in mind were “am I going to be able to do this? Can I actually make it on this new journey?” I tried to laugh and smile with the group, but I guess I couldn’t fool them. My co-worker looked at me and said, “don’t let it overwhelm you. You’ll learn. It gets easier.”

I even had a wonderful friend from my past journey encourage me by saying, “It’s just a learning curve. You’ve got this!!” I loved the cheering from friends and support, but it wasn’t until I took the first step on my own that I felt the confidence within me that helped me say, “I can do this. It is scary and a little intimidating, but I can do this.” I can do this and I will do this, not because I am that good, but because I have some good help along the way. I can call on them when I need help and I know they will be there to help me journey. If I fall, they will help me up and probably not even tell anyone, they will just help. That’s what good support does. That’s what good friends do. They help, they encourage. They don’t say anything negative, they just help. They help us journey through the most difficult trails.

As you read this, you too may be facing a new journey. Your journey, unlike mine, is filled with far scarier and intimidating obstacles. Bills to pay that you have never paid. Checks to write that you have never written. Phone calls to make that you are not ready to make. Tough decisions that you never wanted to make. Visiting a loved who does not even know you are present. You, too, may be sitting in a spot on a new journey and you may be wondering, “can I even do this? Can I walk this journey?” I want to assure you, as a friend assured me, it is just a learning curve. You’ve got this! However, not on your own. None of us need to journey alone. You need help. You need assistance. You need supporters who cheer from the sidelines. You need people who have walked this trail before and know where to take your next step. I can assure you that when the time comes, and you have to take that first step, or write that first check, or pay that first bill, or even go out socially for the first time alone, you can do it. You will see that it is not impossible. It is not comfortable at first, but it is doable.

I encourage you to look for some help if you need it. Don’t try to be a hero. Don’t try to be tougher than you need to be. There will be times when you can walk alone, but not at first. Allow people to walk with you.  Someone may hear the words you have never said with your mouth, but you do with your facial expressions. They may want to know if they can help. If so, simply say yes. Let them pray for you, encourage you, cry with you, hug you, hold your hand, listen to you. Saying yes does not make you weak, but it does help you take one step at a time. You may not be able to see what is beyond the curve ahead, but there are people who have traveled the journey you are traveling and they know what’s ahead and they want to help. Don’t be afraid to say, “a little help please.” Tell people what you need, then let them help.


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